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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Our Marathon and a fun SNEAK PEAK!!!

Well, Thanksgiving was a marathon of eating and family. From Thursday to Saturday we enjoyed 4 family dinners and had an early Christmas with the Corbin clan. Whew!!! We are stuffed to capacity, grateful for family, and sad all at the same time. This was the first time ever that our goodbyes were so sad. Knowing that we will not see them for a very long time was hard. We are still holding out hope that some of the family will come to visit :)

So back to our Marathon.....

We are now running to finish our race. We are set to move on December 20th and are still daily trusting God with all of the details! So easy to type, not so easy in real life. Please continue to pray with us for the rest of our support team, financial blessings for our move, and wisdom as we make all of these last decisions.

Now for our SNEAK PEAK!! Mrs. Audrey Noe our wonderful photographer was able to squeeze us in for a Christmas photo shoot the last time we were in Atlanta. More to come....

Monday, November 16, 2009

Thankful for the Journey...

Thanksgiving is coming and we are thankful! So thankful for everything: the journey, the testing of our faith, the miracles, the opportunities to share God's love and plan with others.
Please follow this link to our November prayer letter:
Thank you for being a part our lives and our ministry!
Michael & Alecia

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Our Dear Friend

I would like to introduce you to a dear friend. Lisa Shaw

I (Alecia) had the pleasure of meeting her at a recent women's retreat. We were both speakers. She not only has a powerful testimony but I enjoyed getting to know her and learning more about her ministry. She took the time today to post about our family. Here is the link:
We hope you will take the time to stop by and learn more about Lisa and her ministry.

Choosing to trust in Him completely ~


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Big Milestones...Big Horizons

This week we have had a week of milestones.

Our baby, Ms. Naomi, now four is riding her very first bike!

Our oldest, Mr. Gabriel decided on the same day that he can now ride his bike without his training wheels! Oh my!!

God has entrusted us with these two wonderful little people. They are not waiting to grow up. We have so much love and respect for our two little miracles.

Monday, October 19, 2009

We Are Home (kinda)

We are back from our almost 5 week support raising trip! Our praise goes to God for keeping each one of us healthy, giving us safe travels, and blessing our trip with new ministry partners. Our trip took us from Florida through Louisianna, Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. Our last week was spent in Arkansas in meetings and looking for our home.

So the lastest news that we have is that we will be moving sometime after Christmas! God brought in an additional 18% of the support that we need and provided our house!

It feels almost surreal that we are now in the final stages of raising our initial support. We are tired.... Yet through it all we feel encouraged and ready to run the race to the finish with endurance. Hebrews 12:1

Here is our October Prayer Letter.

Thank you for your prayers!

Be blessed,
Michael, Alecia, Gabriel & Naomi

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Road Trip

Oh my....I just logged on to discover that we have been so busy we missed adding any updates for the whole month of September! So, let us get you caught up! We left Florida on September 13th and headed out for the unexpected. God has been so good to plan every moment of this trip. Prior to our leaving He blessed us with a vehicle big enough to hold our family for this trip, and has orchestrated every night of this trip eliminating the need for hotel stays. WOW!!!

We spent our first night in Pensacola, then drove to Louisiana, and then to Texas. After a week of meeting with new people across these 3 states we headed to Oklahoma and have been here for the last 2 weeks. God continues to open new doors. We have gained 15% of the support that we need to move.

So our newest information to share is that we are going to be "house hunting" when we head to Arkansas on October 11th. We will stay in Arkansas for about a week and a half to find a home and meet with people there. We will also spend one day at FamilyLife taking care of all of the details related to our upcoming move.

I would love to share a story of a recent encounter with a potential ministry partner. When we contacted this family the husband later admitted that he was not all that enthusiastic to learn of our call and that they had agreed to give a special gift to our ministry. When we arrived at their house he was off at work and we were excited to meet his wife and adorable children. Within minutes he walked in the door of their home having been called home by some men that were working on their house. He joined us as we shared our calling to FamilyLife and then he began to share with us.....he began to tell us that from the time he decided to give the gift to us that God had been urging him to do more. He marveled at the chain of events that brought us into his home and how he "by chance" ended up coming home from work. He stated that seeing God orchestrate all of these details confirmed what he had been feeling in his spirit. They wanted to be a part of what God has called us to do! On this day another family joined us in ministry!

The exciting part for us was the reminder that God was working on our behalf long before we got into the car that morning. This morning as we joined my grandparents at their home church we listened to the pastor share about Joshua. He took the time to remind us that God is already working on our behalf. Whatever the need.....he is already ahead of us. Preparing the road for our journey.

"Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon....have I given unto you..." ~Joshua 1:3

How timely.....

Please continue to pray for each of us. We will be on the road for about 3 more weeks. Our specific needs are listed below.
  • Safe travels.
  • Health for each of us.
  • Favor and guidance as we seek the remaining people that God is calling to our team.
  • Wisdom as we look for our new home in Arkansas.

Love to you all~

Monday, August 31, 2009

August-September Prayer Letter

Here is our latest prayer letter! See photos from the 2009 U.S. Staff Conference for Campus Crusade for Christ, and read about our upcoming road trip through Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. God bless!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Seize the moment!

Over the last few weeks we have traveled ALOT! Every two years Campus Crusade for Christ holds their U.S. Staff Conference in Colorado. This is an important time for the missionaries under Campus Crusade to be encouraged and "fed" before returning to their ministries. To be honest, we were dreading going. As you know, we have not reported to our "assignment" and since Michael has now stopped working, we are working harder than ever to raise our support so that we can do what God has called us to do. All that said though, our time in Colorado was so necessary! We were able to see and understand the other campus ministries better, and see first hand how many lives have been changed. Amazing!
We have to admit that we both had times of feeling convicted. Are we doing enough? Are we taking advantage of the opportunities that we are given daily to share Christ with others? I would say, NO. We must be willing, at every moment, to step out of our comfort zone and share God's truth with the lost.

My prayer over these past weeks has been, "Lord, grieve my heart for what grieves yours, and help me to be sensitive to your spirit as I walk through life. Give me boldness in you, and a willingness to do what you need done."

If you are interested in knowing more about witnessing to others, or if you would like to know more about opportunities for you to minister to others please email us at .

Sunday, July 26, 2009

July Prayer Letter and New Prayer Card

We hope you enjoy reading our July prayer letter. Also attached is our newest prayer card. Thank you to all of you who continue to pray for us as we strive to follow God's plan for our lives. We feel the burning of God's call on our lives stronger than ever.
Time is short and we must give our all to Him.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Celebrating Independance Day... and our Dependance on God

July 4th & 5th, 2009

This 4th of July we were blessed to spend it with family and friends. We started the day off meeting with a potential ministry partner (we don't view holiday's as a day off)! As we took the time to listen to her and share our calling we were reminded of God's divine order. The rest of the day was filled with food, swimming, fireworks, and lots of fun! Gabriel decided to grant his ant farm freedom in the true spirit of Independance Day!
But wait, we weren't done celebrating yet.....

Sunday morning we got up dressed in red, white, and blue and headed to church. What a GREAT service. The children came in and led us in the pledges to America, the Bible, and the Christian Flag. Wonderful music and a time of being reminded of our country's history. Every choice that was made to establish this nation was intentional and founded for our Lord and Saviour. What a legacy!!! Please join us in praying for our nation and it's leaders. Whether we agree with decisions made or not, it is our job to stand in prayer for our country.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

14 and counting.....

Celebrating 14 years today!
June 30th, 1995

Our family Scripture:

"Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight."

~ Proverbs 3:5-6

Thursday, June 18, 2009

God is working ~ with every chance!

We are so excited to see God work! Everyday we are reminded of his sovereignty as we walk in faith. We desire to serve him....above all else. These past two weeks have been filled with great reminders for us. God continues to open doors for us to minister to those who are hurting, and share our testimony with people we have never met. After a lunch meeting this week, I was reminded that this journey God has called us to, this journey to serve with FamilyLife, is not about us raising support to get there. Instead, it is about being submissive, following His direction, and making time for His guidance. Waiting on Him. What a GREAT place to be!

Our news: Michael's replacement has been named. This week completed the "new guy's" second week of training. So, if all goes as planned, next week will be Michael's last week of commuting to Georgia. These weeks have been mixed with emotions of excitement and sadness. So much excitement regarding answering God's call, and yet sadness to leave such precious people behind in Georgia. God truly blessed our family with the Robinsons and SignPros! What precious, Godly people. Please join us in praying for their family and business as they move forward without Michael.

This coming Sunday we will be singing a song in choir titled, "With Every Chance". The words are:

With every chance I have to praise You, Lord I will
With every breath I breathe, this life I live, only one purpose to fulfill:
To lift Your name above all other names, to declare Your awesome ways.
With every chance I have to praise you, Lord I will.
Lord inhabit our praise; let your glory fill this place.
With surrendered hearts, we offer You our everything.
These last weeks this song has been in my heart. Turning over and over in my spirit.
One life, one purpose, every chance.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

May Prayer Letter

Our May prayer letter is attached to the following link. We hope you enjoy the latest news! Thanks for praying with us as we continue to seek God regarding our ministry.

Love to all ~

Michael & Alecia

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The road from where we stand...

I have been thinking alot about what to post next. To be honest, when the day is drawing to a close and the kids are in bed, blogging is the last thing I want to do. Really the last thing that I feel creative enough to handle. So, here is what we know!
  1. We KNOW that God has called us to work for him.
  2. We KNOW that the road looks long and hard.
  3. We KNOW based on the miracles of the past that HE will continue to work on our behalf.
  4. We KNOW that God continues to order our steps and in his timing we will continue to work for him as he directs.

Years ago (I won't tell you how long ago due to concerns over making us sound really old...) we were attending a young married's Sunday School class. One bright Sunday morning our teacher urged us to go home and work together on picking out a "family scripture". This would be a scripture verse that fit our family and that we would hold on to in good times or bad as we clung to God's word. We carefully chose: Proverbs 3:5 & 6. "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight." (NIV) It is amazing how this one scripture has meant so many different things to us over the years. So now as we look at the road ahead, we are trusting in HIM and knowing that he will make our paths straight. One step at a time!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Where are the Corbin's?

Just a quick update! Our move went extremely smooth. We returned from our Follow Up Training in Arkansas on the evening of April 28th, finished a little packing, did our final loads of laundry, and the movers arrived at 8am on the 29th. They had everything loaded and gone in less than 4 hours. AMAZING!!! Alecia is now safely tucked in the panhandle of Florida with the children, and Michael is temporarily driving to Georgia for the work weeks. Thank you to each of you who have prayed for us over the last weeks. We have so much more to share from our journeys over the last several weeks and will work harder to pick up our blogging and share! Love to you all!

Sneak Peek.....our Spring 2009 Pictures!

Friday, April 17, 2009

He is Risen!!! (& Corbin Update)

This year, Easter has been very special to us... for many reasons! For the first time in years, we were able to be in our home Church and see many close friends and family! We also enjoyed this Easter because for the first time, our children were beginning to grasp the reason that we celebrate Easter. On our way down to Florida, we watched the animated "Passion of the Christ." We were there with our children as they experienced all of the emotions that accompany the crucifixion and resurrection of our Christ. When Jesus was betrayed and the soldiers were there, our 3 year old Naomi said, "this is making me soooo MAD!" Just moments earlier, Gabriel was expressing that he didn't like this "at all!" The best part of it all was moments later when they were celebrating as Jesus rose from the dead. It was such a HUGE reminder to us, remembering how HE saved us!!!

Where are the Corbin's? Please see our last Prayer Letter (click here). We are moving into another phase as we finish raising our support. Please continue to pray with us as we work to finish raising our initial support. We desire to be obedient and submissive to His call!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Michael's last surgery....

Michael's surgery this last Thursday the 26th, went great! We arrived at 6:15am and he was on his way to surgery at 7:30. In less than 1 hour the doctor reported that his bone could not have healed any more beautifully. The screw (a nice 3 1/2 inches long) came out with ease.
He already has more range of motion and virtually no pain. Praise be to God! Thank you for your prayers and concern as we have journeyed through this last 3 months.
God is good....all of the time!
(Actual screw taken from Michael's leg.)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Feet...

After seeing the Doctor today.......(drum roll please) Michael is now free from crutches! Our praise goes to God! The doctor said that the X-Rays look great and that his bone has healed beautifully! We still go to the Surgery Center this coming Thursday the 26th to have some of the hardware removed. However, we all feel that the worst is behind us. Thank you to each of you who have been praying for us over these last months. Please continue to pray for strength in his leg, and for an easy procedure this coming week.
On a side note...Gabriel and Naomi with their child-like faith have been praying daily for their Daddy. Today they each chose to pray as I drove them to the babysitter's. Gabriel (who's prayers are normally short and to the point) prayed at length for his Daddy's leg to be, "all better so that he can walk with me and hold my hand". Naomi just simply asked for her Daddy to, "be done with the crutchies". When Michael came home from work (the first time that they had seen him since the Doctor's) I wish you could have seen their faces. God answered their prayers. In that moment they experienced first hand faith in their God! I love how God in his infinite wisdom reminds us of his love..........

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Our Snow Day

We were so excited to have a snow day in Georgia on March 1st! By mid afternoon there were cotton ball sized snowflakes falling out of the sky. When the snow first began to fall we dressed and hurried out to play. Not too much later were in back inside for chili. Needless to say after the 3rd trip out and lots of hot chocolate we all felt like we had made the most of our special snow day. It was amazing to see it continue to snow into the evening. This was by far the heaviest snow we have seen over the years of being "Georgians"! The next morning the children were up early and ready to go again! Today, (3 days later) the last of the snow is finally melting. What a blessing to get to enjoy this during our last winter here in Georgia! Hope you enjoy a few pictures of our fun!!!

Team Mischief - aka "Snow Angels"

Naomi Anaiah was delighted to play in the snow! This was the first snow that she remembers!

Gabriel Micaiah was all boy in his approach to the snow. In this picture he was showing me how he can catch snow on his tongue. He also loves to "snowball" anyone in sight.....

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Love like you mean it....

We would like to take a moment to share a testimony with you. This is from a couple who, by the grace of God, now have a marriage worth sharing.

So, not only do we want to challenge you to "Love like you mean it" all year long, but what a great reminder that God is in the business of "Raising Dead Things!" Maybe it is your marriage, maybe your personal prayer life, maybe your relationship with your kids.....He wants to heal and raise you - where you need it!

If you are interested in attending a Weekend to Remember Conference. Please visit and as always, if we can pray with you or help you in anyway, please contact us.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We are back!

We would like to take a quick moment to apologize for the length of time since our last post. Life has been a little full since Christmas! Michael had surgery on his leg when we returned home, and then we jumped back into Ministry Partner Development! God has been so good. I was so overwhelmed by God today, so I would like to share with you the events of our day.

We knew that we were coming home to be here for my dad's hip replacement surgery today. So Michael began to work very hard to schedule appointments with potential ministry partners so that we would be making the most of every moment in Florida. I found out during this process that he had scheduled an appointment the morning of my Dad's surgery. I was so torn. I wanted to be there for my Dad and my Mom. Sitting there in the hospital along with my sister and Uncle awaiting news of my dad's progress. Michael asked me many times if I wanted him to cancel, postpone, or reschedule our appointment. But neither one of us could shake the feeling that we needed to be there. So this morning my family headed to the hospital at 4:30am and I stayed here at my mom's house preparing for what I thought was a normal day. At 8:00am I got a call from my mom that my Grandfather had been in a wreck and I needed to go. For those of you who do not know my "grandy", he is a wonderful man of God who has dedicated his 90 year old life to serving God in every possible way! My mind began to race..... I grabbed my clothes and headed out to do what I could for him as he would do for me. Come to find out, my brother in law (who was taking 2 of their children to school which is normally my sister's route) was running late and just happened to be passing by when the accident occured. I was just so overwhelmed by God using this appointment to make sure that I was here for my Grandy when he needed me. Long story short, everyone is great....Daddy's surgery went smooth and he is doing well, Grandy is doing fine. Yet, I have spent the day feeling so overwhelmed with the reminder that God constantly has his hand on our lives. In the past weeks HE already knew that we would be in Marianna, that Michael would make an appointment in what I thought was the worst possible time, that Vince would be running late and make the first calls to my family, and that my Grandy would need me here. All I had to do was rest in Him! WOW.... So, not only have I been singing HIS praise today, I have had that song stuck in my head.."Order my steps in your word dear Lord, lead me guide me everyday, send your annointing father I pray.....please order my steps in your word."