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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Road Trip

Oh my....I just logged on to discover that we have been so busy we missed adding any updates for the whole month of September! So, let us get you caught up! We left Florida on September 13th and headed out for the unexpected. God has been so good to plan every moment of this trip. Prior to our leaving He blessed us with a vehicle big enough to hold our family for this trip, and has orchestrated every night of this trip eliminating the need for hotel stays. WOW!!!

We spent our first night in Pensacola, then drove to Louisiana, and then to Texas. After a week of meeting with new people across these 3 states we headed to Oklahoma and have been here for the last 2 weeks. God continues to open new doors. We have gained 15% of the support that we need to move.

So our newest information to share is that we are going to be "house hunting" when we head to Arkansas on October 11th. We will stay in Arkansas for about a week and a half to find a home and meet with people there. We will also spend one day at FamilyLife taking care of all of the details related to our upcoming move.

I would love to share a story of a recent encounter with a potential ministry partner. When we contacted this family the husband later admitted that he was not all that enthusiastic to learn of our call and that they had agreed to give a special gift to our ministry. When we arrived at their house he was off at work and we were excited to meet his wife and adorable children. Within minutes he walked in the door of their home having been called home by some men that were working on their house. He joined us as we shared our calling to FamilyLife and then he began to share with us.....he began to tell us that from the time he decided to give the gift to us that God had been urging him to do more. He marveled at the chain of events that brought us into his home and how he "by chance" ended up coming home from work. He stated that seeing God orchestrate all of these details confirmed what he had been feeling in his spirit. They wanted to be a part of what God has called us to do! On this day another family joined us in ministry!

The exciting part for us was the reminder that God was working on our behalf long before we got into the car that morning. This morning as we joined my grandparents at their home church we listened to the pastor share about Joshua. He took the time to remind us that God is already working on our behalf. Whatever the need.....he is already ahead of us. Preparing the road for our journey.

"Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon....have I given unto you..." ~Joshua 1:3

How timely.....

Please continue to pray for each of us. We will be on the road for about 3 more weeks. Our specific needs are listed below.
  • Safe travels.
  • Health for each of us.
  • Favor and guidance as we seek the remaining people that God is calling to our team.
  • Wisdom as we look for our new home in Arkansas.

Love to you all~

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