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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We are back!

We would like to take a quick moment to apologize for the length of time since our last post. Life has been a little full since Christmas! Michael had surgery on his leg when we returned home, and then we jumped back into Ministry Partner Development! God has been so good. I was so overwhelmed by God today, so I would like to share with you the events of our day.

We knew that we were coming home to be here for my dad's hip replacement surgery today. So Michael began to work very hard to schedule appointments with potential ministry partners so that we would be making the most of every moment in Florida. I found out during this process that he had scheduled an appointment the morning of my Dad's surgery. I was so torn. I wanted to be there for my Dad and my Mom. Sitting there in the hospital along with my sister and Uncle awaiting news of my dad's progress. Michael asked me many times if I wanted him to cancel, postpone, or reschedule our appointment. But neither one of us could shake the feeling that we needed to be there. So this morning my family headed to the hospital at 4:30am and I stayed here at my mom's house preparing for what I thought was a normal day. At 8:00am I got a call from my mom that my Grandfather had been in a wreck and I needed to go. For those of you who do not know my "grandy", he is a wonderful man of God who has dedicated his 90 year old life to serving God in every possible way! My mind began to race..... I grabbed my clothes and headed out to do what I could for him as he would do for me. Come to find out, my brother in law (who was taking 2 of their children to school which is normally my sister's route) was running late and just happened to be passing by when the accident occured. I was just so overwhelmed by God using this appointment to make sure that I was here for my Grandy when he needed me. Long story short, everyone is great....Daddy's surgery went smooth and he is doing well, Grandy is doing fine. Yet, I have spent the day feeling so overwhelmed with the reminder that God constantly has his hand on our lives. In the past weeks HE already knew that we would be in Marianna, that Michael would make an appointment in what I thought was the worst possible time, that Vince would be running late and make the first calls to my family, and that my Grandy would need me here. All I had to do was rest in Him! WOW.... So, not only have I been singing HIS praise today, I have had that song stuck in my head.."Order my steps in your word dear Lord, lead me guide me everyday, send your annointing father I pray.....please order my steps in your word."