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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Michael's last surgery....

Michael's surgery this last Thursday the 26th, went great! We arrived at 6:15am and he was on his way to surgery at 7:30. In less than 1 hour the doctor reported that his bone could not have healed any more beautifully. The screw (a nice 3 1/2 inches long) came out with ease.
He already has more range of motion and virtually no pain. Praise be to God! Thank you for your prayers and concern as we have journeyed through this last 3 months.
God is good....all of the time!
(Actual screw taken from Michael's leg.)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Feet...

After seeing the Doctor today.......(drum roll please) Michael is now free from crutches! Our praise goes to God! The doctor said that the X-Rays look great and that his bone has healed beautifully! We still go to the Surgery Center this coming Thursday the 26th to have some of the hardware removed. However, we all feel that the worst is behind us. Thank you to each of you who have been praying for us over these last months. Please continue to pray for strength in his leg, and for an easy procedure this coming week.
On a side note...Gabriel and Naomi with their child-like faith have been praying daily for their Daddy. Today they each chose to pray as I drove them to the babysitter's. Gabriel (who's prayers are normally short and to the point) prayed at length for his Daddy's leg to be, "all better so that he can walk with me and hold my hand". Naomi just simply asked for her Daddy to, "be done with the crutchies". When Michael came home from work (the first time that they had seen him since the Doctor's) I wish you could have seen their faces. God answered their prayers. In that moment they experienced first hand faith in their God! I love how God in his infinite wisdom reminds us of his love..........

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Our Snow Day

We were so excited to have a snow day in Georgia on March 1st! By mid afternoon there were cotton ball sized snowflakes falling out of the sky. When the snow first began to fall we dressed and hurried out to play. Not too much later were in back inside for chili. Needless to say after the 3rd trip out and lots of hot chocolate we all felt like we had made the most of our special snow day. It was amazing to see it continue to snow into the evening. This was by far the heaviest snow we have seen over the years of being "Georgians"! The next morning the children were up early and ready to go again! Today, (3 days later) the last of the snow is finally melting. What a blessing to get to enjoy this during our last winter here in Georgia! Hope you enjoy a few pictures of our fun!!!

Team Mischief - aka "Snow Angels"

Naomi Anaiah was delighted to play in the snow! This was the first snow that she remembers!

Gabriel Micaiah was all boy in his approach to the snow. In this picture he was showing me how he can catch snow on his tongue. He also loves to "snowball" anyone in sight.....