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Monday, July 6, 2009

Celebrating Independance Day... and our Dependance on God

July 4th & 5th, 2009

This 4th of July we were blessed to spend it with family and friends. We started the day off meeting with a potential ministry partner (we don't view holiday's as a day off)! As we took the time to listen to her and share our calling we were reminded of God's divine order. The rest of the day was filled with food, swimming, fireworks, and lots of fun! Gabriel decided to grant his ant farm freedom in the true spirit of Independance Day!
But wait, we weren't done celebrating yet.....

Sunday morning we got up dressed in red, white, and blue and headed to church. What a GREAT service. The children came in and led us in the pledges to America, the Bible, and the Christian Flag. Wonderful music and a time of being reminded of our country's history. Every choice that was made to establish this nation was intentional and founded for our Lord and Saviour. What a legacy!!! Please join us in praying for our nation and it's leaders. Whether we agree with decisions made or not, it is our job to stand in prayer for our country.


Jensmere said...

It was a great thankful that we could be part of it!

LisaShaw said...

You have such a beautiful spirit and a beautiful family dear one. I'm going to be posting about your family on my blog this week as I had shared with you. When I do I'll pop in to tell you.

I'm going to snag a photo of your family to add to the post. Hope that's alright.

My husband and I are praying for your family and all that GOD has purposed you and your husband and children to do. I'm so blessed to know you and your heart to SERVE!

That's a GIFT in the LORD.

I love you.