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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

No place like home...

Well, we are here! We arrived in Little Rock, Arkansas at the end of December.

The movers have come and gone. FamilyLife staffers arrived and did their best to help us get settled. New friends have brought meals, and we have learned our way to Walmart. Yet, there seems to be no place like home. Which is actually kind of funny since we left our home well over a year ago. We have since lived in two different "homes" and stayed with many loving families as we have progressed on our journey.

This move has been hard - hard for alot of reasons. This is the farthest that we have lived from our families since we married. Our Grandparents are much older, and we have small children who are very attached to friends and family.

But for now, home is wherever we settle with the loved ones that God has given us. So, yes, we are home; even though it is now in Arkansas. We have each other, and we have confindence in our Savior and where He has placed us.

More updates and news to come as we unpack and get settled.


Allen said...

Welcome to is good to have you here!!

Ross and Taya said...

We're glad you made it! We'll be praying that your transition goes well. God's mercies are new every morning. God bless,

ross and taya

LisaShaw said...

So good to know all is well with you and your family precious sister. Peter and I keep you all in prayer DAILY. Your photo is before me.

Love you.