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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Season of Thankfulness

We cannot begin to describe how thankful we are to our God and Savior for this time in our lives. Never before have we been afforded so much. The opportunity to meet so many new and wonderful people, step out of our comfort zone, and the ability to focus on a greater purpose in life. It is so great to have a designated holiday to remind us to be thankful. But the truth is we were already thankful. Thankful for new opportunities, a sold house, 2 miracle babies, a God centered marriage, and being called by God to make a difference in the lives of others. God is good! So, if you have in any way been a part of our lives or if you are a part of our current journey, we are thankful for you too!


Angie said...

AND we are looking to see more of God's miraculous ways in your life and each day unfolds! I am GOING to get my post done and set! I PROMISE! Don't give up on me :)
I had horrible computer problems with the billing program today...this is "get the bills out the door week" the firm can get the $$$ in! SO the pressure is on! A WHOLE month disappeared for one client...and the rest of them on one attorney is stuck in proof in cyberspace and will not UNSTICK!

SO---tomorrow I begin again...working through it! I love ya'll bunches!

Jensmere said...

AND I am so thankful to have you 4 in my life! You are my angels!

The slide show is fantastic!!

Love you!
Aunt Susan

Casteel Family said...

I just received your 'newsletter' and WOW!! It looks great! We are so proud of both of you. You truely have grown in the Lord since we first met. We miss you and hope to see you again soon adn keep doing what you have been called to do. The reward is GREAT!! Love you (give the kids hugs and kisses for us).