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Monday, November 3, 2008

Moving On

We are now temporarily settled in an apartment in Georgia. We continue to raise support and are constantly amazed at how God orders our steps and prepares our way. We have been so blessed over the last weeks to meet so many new people who all share a passion for what God has called us to do. God is faithful! Over the last weeks we have also enjoyed the onset of fall and all of the fun of the season. Naomi just celebrated her 3rd birthday! She is such an amazing little girl. Gabriel is now old enough that he got to carve his own pumpkin this year! There is nothing more exciting for parents than children using sharp objects for the first time - ha ha! We just returned from Florida where we enjoyed time with good friends and family. We hope you enjoy the pictures of our fun over the last weeks (Naomi the BIG 3, Transformer Gabriel & Sunflower Princess Naomi, and some of our fall fun). Thank you for your prayers and support. We love you all!


Jensmere said...

Hello my precious ones! So good to have been with you last weekend. I love the pictures! The costumes are adorable. Take care!

Love you four,
Aunt Susan

Elisabeth said...

Beautiful family!! Looks like the kids had a blast! Isn't it wonderful?